Tyson Frederick

Digital Media Art

Master of Fine Arts in Digital Media/Art in Technology, May 2014. Teaching Associate of Art 74: Introduction to Digital Media at San Jose State University, Spring 2013.


Android Engineering

I am a software developer in mobile (Android), web (Ruby on Rails), and game development (Unity3D, libgdx), as well as an interactive digital media artist. I am focusing on employment with a company that is interested in social interactions, gaming, or education through creative implementations of technology, software development, and user experience.

Java Repo Google Play

Web App Development

I have produced a twitterish, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, mobile web application. I've taught myself through Michael Hartl's resources(rails 3.2, ruby 1.9.3). It is written with Test-Driven-Development and constructed with Ubuntu LTS 12.04, Sublime Text 2, and Terminal.

Ruby Repo Sample App

Game Design and Development

One day I will publish a game with Unity 3D, UnrealEngine 4, or libgdx. Until that day comes, check out my demos below.

RollaBall3D AngryStone

About me

I am Tyson. I love art, technology and modern culture. I am an artist and an engineer. I am from the mountains but live in the city. I'm on path to becoming a UX Android Engineer, a role of creativiy, design, and engineering. Let's connect and make something great! Please reach out to me about any and everything, above and/or beyond!